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Special Feature: Virtual Reality
Specialty Focus
26 October, 2015
The 360 experience is all the rage, as brands and agencies rush to create content for the new Virtual Reality devices and viewing platforms coming on the market. We talk to several top producers of VR content to find out what goes into its making and where they see the format going.
Special Feature: Action & Sports
Specialty Focus
17 July, 2015
Capturing movement and action in the era of Go Pros and extreme sports has become a different endeavor, as our Action & Sports Special Feature will reveal. These days, anything that moves is a candidate for the kind of cinematic treatment seen in the best action films. Find out how it's done inside.
Special Feature: Start-to-Finish Hybrids
Specialty Focus
8 June, 2015
The line between production and post is fading fast, driven by a new generation of filmmakers used to doing it all themselves and fostered by a growing roster of companies equally adept at both processes. How do these master multitaskers keep everything going? Let's find out
Special Feature: Post Perfection
Specialty Focus
11 May, 2015
We take an inside look at the issues and challenges facing the world of creative editorial and post production, where creativity, technology and media meet and where the content that agencies and brands depend on all comes together.
Special Feature: Made In Taiwan
Regional Focus
8 April, 2015
With sumptuous locations, adept crews and capable producers ready to take on the smallest ads to the biggest blockbusters, Taiwan is making its mark on the creative map. We speak to the region's top production houses to find out just how good it is to be Made In Taiwan.
Special Feature: Weaving Branded Content
Specialty Focus
23 March, 2015
Branded content varies widely in terms of genre, technique, length and format -- all of which means producers working in this growing field need to be versatile, efficient and nimble. So says our branded content experts!
Special Feature: Funny Business 2015
Specialty Focus
18 February, 2015
Comedy ad content is as popular as ever, but much about how its concepted, who's making it and where it appears has changed. Our 'Funny Business' Special Feature gets to the bottom of this serious issue.
Special Feature: Truth Tellers
Specialty Focus
20 January, 2015
Documentary work in advertising continues to evolve, becoming more like traditional docs and less like ads all the time. Our "Truth Tellers" get to the bottom of this ongoing trend in this Special Feature.
Special Feature: The Rainbow Nation
Regional Focus
18 November, 2014
Already well-renowned as a production service hotspot, South Africa's top companies tell us how the region's skill at talent-nuturing has created a robust film infrastructure.
Special Feature: Raster Masters
Specialty Focus
16 October, 2014
From playful to emotional, from razzle-dazzle to seamless, animation and effects work shapes and informs just about every form and genre of ad content today. Our experts tell you how they do it and chart some of the key trends facing these iconic disciplines.
Special Feature: Awesome Automotive
Specialty Focus
6 August, 2014
Automotive production is changing in many ways, from new models to new camera technology to new media formats. But one thing remains the same: make the vehicle look incredible. And that's the focus of our 'Awesome Automotive' producers and directors.
Special Feature: Music Video Magic
Specialty Focus
9 July, 2014
Talk about crossover appeal: music video directors from all genres have always found a welcome home in adland, and now with the brands? emphasis on longer formats, more celebrities and a desire to connect authentically with the youth market, they've never been in such demand.
Special Feature: Diversity Matters
In-Depth Report
9 June, 2014
Diversity ownership in production is still a hot topic, as agencies and brands search for qualified production, post, effects, music and art suppliers that match up with their creative needs.
Special Feature: Spice of Life - India In Focus
Regional Focus
15 May, 2014
Commercial production in India is as strong as it's ever been, so we spoke to a handful of the region's top companies to find out the ways in which the industry is thriving.
Special Feature: Fashion & Beauty 2014
Specialty Focus
16 April, 2014
Fashion and beauty ads are that interesting mix of the emotional and the rational, blending images and messages both practical and aspirational as they appeal to our basic instincts to be attractive, appealing and adored. There?s lots of art and science that goes into making them, even more so as societal definitions of beauty are changing. Our Special Feature takes an up-close look.
Special Feature: On Track
Music & Sound
18 March, 2014
With music styles and trends always evolving, adland's music shops need to stay in synch. Here a quartet of experts share their secrets.
Special Feature: Single Source Production
Specialty Focus
21 January, 2014
As the trend towards concept-to-completion work grows, production houses, post houses and agencies are learning to take full advantage of this highly-efficient model.
Special Feature: Production Around the World
Production Service
11 November, 2013
Despite VFX getting smarter, nothing really beats the spectacle of Mother Nature. We speak to some of the world's leading Production Service houses to see how they cater for a crew on location.
Special Feature: Fantastic Frames
VFX & Animation
15 October, 2013
From the joy of retina displays to the demands of mobile content, new technology is shaping the look and feel of effects and animation work in new ways.
Special Feature: Production in Thailand
Regional Focus
19 September, 2013
From stunning locations to high-end studio setups, we speak to Thailand's top production shops about breadth of talent, skilled crews and opulent hospitality available in the 'Land of Smiles'.
Special Feature: Reality Advertising & Production
Specialty Focus
12 August, 2013
The trend toward reality-based and docu-style storytelling for brands shows no sign of letting up. Our well-versed players share views on where the genre is going.
Special Feature: Production in Japan
Regional Focus
17 July, 2013
Japan has long been respected for its filmmaking heritage, its influences branching into every aspect of popular culture over the past few decades. However, in recent years, the country's commercial production has started to make the industry sit up and take notice. We ask Tokyo's finest what the world can learn from Nippon.
Special Feature: Cool Tools
Specialty Focus
17 June, 2013
The media is beset with 'cool tools' - technical gizmos that allow visions to be shaped and realities realised. However, no matter how cool the tool, it's useless in the hands of those who can't wield it. We speak to two of the industry's shining Post Production lights to establish the coolest tool in the box.
Special Feature: Editing's Cutting Edge
Specialty Focus
8 April, 2013
Editors and EPs talk about some of the key issues facing their business as technology and new business models reshape the post production environment.
Special Feature: UK Production & Post
Regional Focus
12 March, 2013
The UK has always been an industry leader in the world of commercial output, but the competition from far-flung territories is only getting hotter. We've spoken to a handful of the nation's most highly-respected and creatively forward-thinking production and post-production houses to gather their insights on how to keep successful and artistically relevant whilst getting noticed on a global scale.
Special Feature: Tabletop
Specialty Focus
11 February, 2013
We take a macro view at the latest trends and some of the top players in the world of food and product tabletop production for TVCs.
Special Feature: Diversity In Production
In-Depth Report
14 January, 2013
As woman and minority-owned production and post companies proliferate, agencies and clients are taking note as they ramp up their own supplier diversity initiatives.
Special Feature: Global Production Services
Specialty focus
26 November, 2012
Whether shooting in Europe, Asia, South America or even the States, top production service companies are the backbone of location work. Our well-traveled sponsors show us how it's done.
Special Feature: Beyond Commercials
Specialty Focus
15 October, 2012
Experiential work - immersive, hands-on, interactive and often engaging - is increasingly appealing to brands and agencies. Here's some insight on the technique from those who've done it before.
Special Feature: Automotive Advertising
Specialty Focus
19 September, 2012
The auto industry is bouncing back worldwide from the recession of the past few years, creating new demand for ad content. Our Special Feature takes a closer look.
Special Feature: Mixing Media
VFX & Animation
20 August, 2012
Today's Animation & VFX shops are all about seamless integration of live action with everything from 2D character animation to glossy 3D CG and effects. "Mixing Media" has become the norm, not the exception.
Special Feature: One Stop Production
Specialty Focus
27 June, 2012
Shoot, edit, add graphics and effects, then finish - it's easy, right? Not quite. To be able to flourish as a one-stop production and post resource is a tough act to do well.
Special Feature: Thrill Seekers
Specialty Focus
29 May, 2012
As the action and sports world grows, producers and directors specializing in the genre find themselves working (and playing) hard to ensure authenticity and engagement.
Special Feature: Right Tracks
Music & Sound
1 May, 2012
The influence of indie bands, scoring and mixing for second screen devices and adjusting to the CALM Act are some of the main topics in our latest special report.
Special Feature: Next Up: India!
Regional Focus
3 April, 2012
India's TVC business is booming, so much so that its production companies are planting flags beyond its shores. We examine this trend and others in our special report.
Special Feature: Fashion & Beauty's Glam Masters
Specialty Focus
5 March, 2012
From Asia to the Americas, the beauty biz is booming -- and so is the market for Fashion & Beauty production and post. We take a closer look at today's top Glam Masters.
Special Feature: A New Look At Post
Specialty Focus
6 February, 2012
Integrated production, tapeless workflow, seamless visual effects, shorter timeframes, tighter budgets -- they've all changed the face of post production. Our experts explain how.
Special Feature: Reality Rules!
Specialty Focus
9 January, 2012
A desire to connect on a human level, coupled with a need to tell authentic stories that consumers can relate to, is driving the surge of doc-style work in advertising.
Special Feature: Asia's Rising Star
Focus on China
15 November, 2011
China's booming TVC production market is a complex yet exciting place. Our wide-ranging roster of sponsor companies tell us why.
Special Feature: Pixel Players
VFX & Animation
3 October, 2011
Visual effects and animation studios are adapting to new forms and spreading their wings. We take flight with a few to see where the industry is going.
Special Feature: Diversity in Production
6 September, 2011
Minority and women-owned production companies are on the rise. While they meet a need for agencies to diversify vendor lists, they still face challenges.
Special Feature: Kids & Critters
Specialty Focus
8 August, 2011
Children and animals are mainstays of commercial content, and working with them demands special skills. We take an inside look at some of the pros when it comes to Kids & Critters.
Special Feature: 3D In Depth
Stereoscopic 3D
13 July, 2011
Stereoscopic 3D is coming, and production and post houses are getting ready. Here's how a number of players have taken the 3D plunge.
Special Feature: In Tune
Music Sound Design
13 June, 2011
Our Music & Sound Design Special Feature explores creative influences, the role of licensing, the growth of audio branding and the continuing search for new talent in music and sound.
Special Feature: Charting the New Paradigm
Agency Trends
2 May, 2011
Wildly varying deliverables and new digital workflows have changed the way agency production departments function. We take an inside look at the new production paradigm.
Special Feature: India in Depth
4 April, 2011
The production scene in India is hot and getting hotter, as evidenced by the growing interest in the country by producers around the world.
Special Feature: Pixel Perfect
VFX/Motion Graphics
7 March, 2011
Visual effects and motion graphics play key roles in almost all ads today, whether for broadcast or the web. We examines key trends from the viewpoint of a cross-section of major players.
Special Feature: Funny Business
7 February, 2011
When it comes to commercials, comedy is king. Our Comedy Production Special Feature, "Funny Business," takes a serious look at advertising's favorite TVC genre.
Special Feature: Argentina & Chile: World Class Production
Regional Focus
11 January, 2011
A combination of great production companies shooting highly creative original work and world-class production service capabilities are the hallmarks of these two Latin American nations.
Special Feature: Playing Host to the World
South Africa
8 November, 2010
While the world's eyes were on the World Cup, producers all over the world were eyeing South Africa for its production service capabilities and the work of its production houses, music houses and agencies.
Special Feature: Art of Editing
Specialty Focus
11 October, 2010
Dealing with everything from file-based footage to longer formats to shortened schedules and more VFX, sound design and motion graphics to integrate, today's creative editor is the consummate juggler.
Special Feature: Automotive Production
Specialty Focus
13 September, 2010
Global launches, sheet metal versus CG, the joys of New Zealand or Australia in the winter - all this and more make up the world of Automotive Production. We lift the hood to check it out.
Special Feature: Interactive & Digital Production
In-Depth Look
10 August, 2010
From shooting for the web to site design, back end development, Flash and VFX, the new world of interactive and integrated production demands a new and varied range of capabilities from producers.
Special Feature: Canadian Production
Regional Focus
12 July, 2010
Canadian Production gets its close up as we profile the up and coming production company Wilfrid Park, check in on the global aspirations at Shooters International and get a read on the production service work and ad music sides of the business.
Special Feature: Animation & VFX
Digital Visions
7 June, 2010
Our Special Feature includes profiles of top companies such as Stardust and Curious, an interview with indie rep Nancy Jacobs, a wide-ranging Q&A with top animation and effects artists and EPs and a reel of hot spots from our sponsor shops.
Special Feature: Close-up on European Production
Regional Focus
3 May, 2010
Our special report takes a look at what's impacting this rapidly-changing marketplace and includes an interview with Francois Chilot, President of the CFP-E, on the outlook for production companies in Europe.
Special Feature: Fashion & Beauty Production
Specialty Focus
5 April, 2010
Fashion & Beauty production requires a great eye, fabulous taste, the ability to work with celebrity talent and a team of dedicated production specialists. Our Special Feature takes an inside look at this glamorous segment of the ad business.
Special Feature: Latin American Production
Regional Focus
8 March, 2010
Diversity of talent, new media options and increased globalization are having a positive impact on a vibrant TVC production industry in Latin America.
Special Feature: Reality-based Advertising
Specialty Focus
11 January, 2010
The use of reality-based advertising--including everything from docu-style to real people--is on the rise, making documentary directors more sought after than ever.
Special Feature: Spotlight on Turkey
Regional Focus
7 December, 2009
The Turkish production scene is booming, but profits are elusive as new techniques are on the rise.
Special Feature: Changing Tempo
Music & Sound
12 October, 2009
SourceEcreative reviews the latest trends in music, audio post and sound design for commercials, chats up some of the industry's top music producers and presents a showcase of great work from our sponsor companies.
Special Feature: South Africa in View
Regional Focus
8 September, 2009
The South African commercial production scene gets a close-up as we examine trends affecting the industry and talk to leading agency Heads of Production.
Special Feature: Commercial Production in China
Asia Perspective
3 August, 2009
The production industry in China is growing and evolving quickly, and attracting production companies...
Special Feature: Worldwide Heads of Integrated Production
Agency Insights
10 June, 2009
Heads of production at agencies around the world--from the US, the UK, Germany and Australia--discuss what's changed about what they do, and how the ongoing evolution...
Special Feature: Spotlight on German Advertising & Production
8 May, 2009
Whether working with local German directors or imports from the US, the UK or elsewhere, German production companies have been meeting the needs of their agency clients for years...
Special Feature: Motion Graphics & Design
Motion Graphics
6 April, 2009
A review of the latest in motion graphics and design from Blissium, Imaginary Forces, Nylon, Spontaneous and T2.
Special Feature: ADFEST Highlights
Adfest 2009
9 March, 2009
Asian advertising and production takes center stage next week in Pattaya, Thailand as ADFEST, the Asian Pacific Advertising Festival, kicks off with seminars, presentations and juried awards...
Special Feature: MACRO VIEWS
26 January, 2009
With a tough economy battering advertisers, tabletop directors and producers say showing value and quality in products is key
Special Feature: MOVING PIXELS
31 October, 2008
Animation. Motion Graphics. Visual Effects. Moving Pixels. No longer can an idea be quashed because it can't be done.
Special Feature: Vive La France!
29 September, 2008
France is fertile ground for so many sensual delights food, wine, art, music, cinema.
Special Feature: From Russia & Ukraine...With Love
Russia Ukraine
4 August, 2008
Business is booming in Russia and Ukraine say our sponsors PSB Films, Bazelevs, Just Production, Lime Lite Studio, and Park Production.
Special Feature: Cannes Lions 2008
9 June, 2008
The festival of all advertising festivals is upon us. The week-long celebration promises to be chock-full of seminars, workshops, and of course, social events!
Special Feature: All Things Lyrical
2 June, 2008
Summer brings big, bold sounds: Summer blockbusters, summer albums, summer tours. This month we look at the present and future of Music and Sound...
Special Feature: Down Under: Australia & New Zealand
Australia & New Zealand
28 April, 2008
Australia: Koalas and Road Warriors. New Zealand: Kiwis and Middle Earth. The Land Down Under. The Land of the Long White Cloud. With diverse populations and ecosystems...
Special Feature: Viva Mexico!
25 February, 2008
Mexico's production industry is muy caliente! Serving both their native audiences as well as the huge Spanish-speaking (and viewing) audiences in the U.S. and other countries...
30 January, 2008
It's truly amazing how different visual media has become in the 21st century. Marketers have a plethora of outlets to deliver their messages, whether to a mass-market...
Special Feature: Transformative Poland
7 December, 2007
The cultural life of Poland has given rise to such notable people as painter Jan Styka, composer Frederic Chopin, scientist Marie Curie and religious leader Pope John Paul II.
Special Feature: The Vastness of Brazil
18 October, 2007
The rich heritage, gorgeous locations, talented artists and technological prowess of Brazil is a given. As the fifth largest country and the seventh largest market in the world...
Special Feature: South Africa
The Diversity of South Africa
by Julie Mynatt
South Africa can be best described in one word: Diverse. Diversity in climate, locations, languages, cultures and resources give the country an enormous richness and depth to its...
Special Feature: Snow & Ice
by Julie Mynatt
The concept is solid. The script is tight. The director is A-list. Now we need a unique location that is easy to get to and covered in a thick layer of snow and ice...
Special Feature: HD NOW
by Julie Mynatt
Although the majority of U.S. viewers are seeing a Standard Definition picture, the transition to High Definition is no longer theoretical. The Consumer Electronics Association announced...
Special Feature: Argentina & Chile Await You!
LIGHTS... CAMERA... Argentina? Chile? But of course!
by Deb Mayo
More than ever today, finding the ideal location to shoot is paramount. The world is a much smaller place, with technology allowing access into the most remote, the most beautiful...
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